Daniel Pendzich

Daniel Pendzich

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First Name * Daniel
Last Name * Pendzich
Username * dpendzich
Country * USA
City San Jose
Nationality USA
Languages EnglishGerman


Current Position Animator
Areas of Expertise Motion Picture or Video
Preferred Tools Animation3ds maxMAYAPhotoshopRiggingArt DirectionIllustrationFlashPremiereDreamWeaverCharacters


Availability: student
Website www.danielpendzich.com


Daniel Pendzich
Lighting Technical Director

Email: pendzid@gmail.com
Website: www.danielpendzich.com

A true digital artist with substantial experience in both traditional and digital arts. Capable of producing quality work quickly. Has worked in a production environment. Proficient in Maya, node-based compositing software, all distributions of Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Has the passion for animation, lighting, and rendering that is essential to follow through with any project. Willing to relocate if necessary. Is honest, loyal, a good communicator, and easy to work with.

* Participated in animating, lighting, and rendering Micheal Huber's animated short: "The Offering"
* Render published in Jeremy Birn's CGTalk Lighting Challenge Gallery (lighthouse image #8)
* Cogswell College lighting recognition award, and school news article written about me
* 1st Place Computer Animation Portfolio (2003 - DoDDS Annual Technology Fair)

* Proficient in Autodesk’s Maya and Adobe Photoshop
* Proficient with Mental Ray, RenderMan, and Maya Software rendering engines
* Talented at setting up lighting for both scenes and characters
* Excellent at working with directors and team members to achieve a common goal
* Skilled with node-based composting software, color correction, and compositing techniques
* Experienced with all Linux distributions, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS
* Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills
* Knowledge of MEL, Java, and C scripting
* Talented with Figure Drawing and the study of the human form

Cogswell Polytechnical College
Sunnyvale, California
Digital Art and Animation Major
Specialized in Lighting and Rendering

List of Relevant Coursework:
* “The Offering” - Animated Short (Animation, Rigging, Lighting, Rendering, Maya 2008)
* Animation I, II, and III (Maya 2008)
* 2D Animation (Various Pencil Test Software)
* Character Rigging (Maya 2008)
* 3D Lighting and Layout (Maya 2008)
* Figure Drawing I and II (Instructors: Jim Smith and Susan Harby)
* 2D Color and Design I and II (Photoshop CS2)
* Intro to CG (Maya 8.0)
* Intro to 3D Modeling (Softimage|XSI)
* Photography (Photoshop CS2, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
* Interactivity Fundamentals (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, HTML, Flash, Actionscript)

* Maya 2008 (Mental Ray, RenderMan, and Maya Software)
* Eyeon Fusion
* Adobe Photoshop CS4
* 3d Studio Max

If you're an employer and you'd like to contact me, please send me an email at pendzid@gmail.com
Thank you,
- Daniel Pendzich

If you're an employer, please contact me by email (pendzid@gmail.com)
Thank you!

- Daniel Pendzich